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Jill McBirnie (Wieck), "What do you spend you time doing these days?"

Our plan after retirement, Harold from engineering and me from paralegal work,  was to spend time with our horses. We've had horse property in the past but they are now being boarded. Meaning we have to drive back and forth to a facility twice a day. My mother at 96 lives with us, is exceptionally independent, but still needs to be managed when we take her anywhere. I make all of her kidney diet meals, make and take her to her doctors' appointments and so forth. Then my husband recently fell off the back of our truck trying to flip a heavy bale of alfalfa into our horse trailer. Instead, he fell backwards, dropped four feet and pancaked into the trailer, breaking his femur. He can't walk. So, bottom line, I'm running a nursing home. I have great compassion like you can't believe, but no Mother Theresa-like patience. Not the kind you need to run a nursing home where one older Viking blond does everything. So, I've given my husband until the end of the month to ditch his walker and take back his tasks that I'm now doing since I'm too tired to do them. And to never break another bone again ever. 

All my best to our class and may you have a great time at the upcoming reunion remembering our glorious past.  -Jill